T’was as if she had just one roll of the dice to throw double-six. Caitlin’s coaching assignment with Alberto Martinez, the Acting Head of Product Development, had taken over 4 months. Once every 14 days or so she had driven up from Philly to the New York H.Q. of the International Drinks company. Now it [...]

After seven years, four months and nineteen days as an apparently successful management consultant, Vanessa changed forever. She flew home from the concluding meeting with her client, sat down in her study, and finally left her job. She didn’t leave the consultancy. She didn’t gain a new job title. She didn’t obtain different projects. She [...]

The room temperature was rising. The air conditioning wasn’t working effectively. And, although I wasn’t aware of it, neither was I. I’d been sitting in a plush, modern, boardroom about half an hour, alongside one of my consultancy colleagues. For nearly fifteen minutes i’d been explaining in great detail to our prospect, two senior executives [...]

Everything I know about sex I learned from movies. Well maybe not everything but I observed deeds that I couldn’t have given life to myself, without first having seen them elsewhere. For many professionals it’s a similar story when it comes to their marketing. Everything they know about creative marketing they learned by copying the [...]

It was way back then, before we transformed. Before we asked ourselves how to stand out. The consultancy I co-created had been in business a little under three years. We sought feedback from the big-company client we had just completed with. He told us, smiling and nodding, that yes he was pleased and that we [...]

Many professionals stress about how often they should blog post. But let me ask you something. How many songs should a composer write? How many movies should a film director shoot? How many dances should a choreographer create? When should your next blog post be? Is once a week too much? Is once a week [...]

Just how do you position yourself, in a very crowded market place? The question is important. Your answer, crucial. At the airport you’re in the business lounge. Bored with flicking through The Economist, waiting for your long-haul flight. A silver-haired man in his fifties sits down beside you, adjusts his suit and takes a sip [...]

Mispricing Your Service

What is the right price for your service? It’s a question that troubles many consultants, coaches, trainers and other experts. For a large number of them, pricing correctly is an activity based in mystery. Whenever i ask a service professional how exactly they set their prices, nine times out of ten i get a blank [...]

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