by Mac

Before we get acquainted, there’s some things you ought to know:

1/ Clientonomy is a body of advanced knowledge on how serious professional consultants, coaches, experts of all kinds, can learn to gain and retain great clients.

If you earn your crust competing for custom in an over-crowded market place, then clientonomy is written precisely for you.

2/ My name is Mac (MacPherson). I’m a private person. But, I recognise that some people will want to know who, exactly, is behind the stuff you will be reading and using. So, if you want to, you can find out at linkedin.com/in/alistairmacpherson.

The personal connections that you are able to see in my profile are my clients, ex-clients, or are part of a group I give advice too. They are Chairman, CEOs and SVPs of some of the world’s best known companies. They are part of my consultancy target market.

My clients, and my consultancy business, have nothing in common with clientonomy. Except in one crucially important way. I’ll come to that, later.

Please don’t connect to me at that profile. It’s strictly for my consulting clients only. I have a different one for readers of clientonomy who want to associate personally. You can find this at linkedin.com/in/macmacpherson

3/ The clientonomy site aims to provide very high quality information and viewpoints. In a straight, clear, precise manner. No razz. No bling. No bull.

Most important of all, its focus is on what has proven to work in attracting and maintaining clients. Tried and tested.

The blog site is publicly available. But, the newsletter is private.

It will have additional information and viewpoints that will not be published on the blog. To receive the newsletter, you should sign up at the top-right of this page.

4/ Separate from clientonomy, I remain a working consultant & coach, in my niche of improving the performance of senior leadership teams. So, my time spent on clientonomy has a limit.

I have already been asked if I provide individual coaching to those wishing to gain new clients. I have done, on a handful of occasions, in the past. However, I am expensive. And, I have more than enough to do, servicing my niche custom. You are much better off thinking through, and yourself implementing, the information that will become available through clientonomy.

At a future point, there may be ways I can offer something more bespoke than the website and private newsletter.

5/ Above, back in point two, I mentioned my consulting clients and said there was one thing highly relevant to clientonomy. Well, here is the fact that i am extremely reluctant to admit. In winning these engagements, we might not always have been the very best, technically, in our field. In fact, i know we were not.

We compete, for custom, with the top companies in the world. And, yet we often win. How do we do it? Well, it’s down to a factor that, over the years, i have come to accept:

The Best Marketer Wins!

We are helped enormously by the sheer quality of our marketing expertise. All those senior executives, that you see in my client-only profile, exist because we eventually figured out how to be outstanding marketers.

It took a lot of time to be so. Years. And, a whole lot of money, training and experimentation. A whole lot of mistakes.

Along the way, we also found out that much of what was being taught as marketing to coaches, consultants and experts, for a large part was not appropriate. A huge amount of it simply didn’t work.

You’ve possibly seen a great deal of ‘questionable’ marketing advice on the web, and responded ‘this doesn’t feel right’. Your gut instinct was probably correct.

That’s why clientonomy was born.

6/ You are part of the clientonomy site. I don’t mean simply as a reader. I mean as a contributor too.

I’m assuming that you are already a successful professional. You already have some marketing experience. Successes and failures in gaining clients. War stories.

We want to hear from you in the commenting section of the blog posts. Your viewpoints will help the readership considerably. Collectively we are much more intelligent than individually.

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Finally, if you have any questions about any of these points, or about clientonomy generally, then please place them in the comments box below. I will do my best to answer them.

Clientonomy Confidential

Regards, Mac.