by Mac

I’m partisan. I admit it.

I fervently believe that the very best consultants, coaches, trainers, experts, can help accelerate our World towards a significantly brighter destiny. I’ve no doubt about it.

These professionals:

Can powerfully assist many others to achieve big, positive, business and social goals.

Can help increase the overall size and quality of the economy, to the benefit of all.

Can advise and grow the best corporate, governmental and social leaders of tomorrow.

But the vast majority of them don’t have a large enough portfolio of ideal clients to register a categorical, comprehensive, impact. As a result, we are all somewhat impoverished.

To change this we need these professionals to be more visible. To be more attractive. To be more influential.

I’m taking a stand on making this happen. I want you with me.

It’s why Clientonomy was born. So that professionals can further gain and maintain great clients. To be a bigger force in our future.

However, there’s a basic problem. A huge number of consultants, coaches, trainers, experts are poor marketers. It’s undeniably true. But it’s not their fault. They trained to be great in their particular field, not in selling themselves.

As a result they’ve had to self-educate. Many of them have been at the mercy of poor quality, generic, marketing instruction sometimes peddled by vendors looking to make a quick buck.

Be clear, there are a few high-quality marketing coaches out there. But how on earth is the service professional meant to identify which is which? It’s been a problem, but no longer. Here’s why:

I stand for considerably elevating the crucial role of consultants, coaches, trainers, experts of all kinds.

I stand for these professionals having a much bigger influence on the important issues of our World.

To achieve this, I stand for educating them in high-quality, highly relevant, marketing approaches that facilitate gaining and maintaining many more great clients.

It’s why I’m here.

It’s who I am.

It’s what I stand for.

I hope you’re with me. If you are then please click the ‘like’ button at the top of this credo. Sign up for the private newsletter, top right of this page. Then, leave your comments below this post.

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