How Often Should You Blog?

by Mac

Many professionals stress about how often they should blog post.

But let me ask you something. How many songs should a composer write? How many movies should a film director shoot? How many dances should a choreographer create?

When should your next blog post be? Is once a week too much? Is once a week nowhere near enough?

Here’s the truth, there are no hard-and-fast rules. It’s contextual. It is wholly contingent upon a number of factors, including:

1. You.

2. The generalities of your overall market.

3. The particular idiosyncracies of your niche.

4. The type of readership you have.

5. Your blogging objectives.

Wait. Stop. Blogging objectives?

I think I can hear the distant sound of weeping as many of you read this; “What? You mean I should have objectives specific to my blog? I thought everybody blogged because it was simply just a good thing to do. Who knew we had to have blogging objectives? Why did nobody tell me this before?”

Yes. I’m afraid so. Your blog should be an integral part of your marketing approach.

A way of bringing you to the overall attention of your market.

A way of increasing your impact in your own particular niche.

A way of communicating thoughts that are of significant value.

A way of building up a bond and relationship with your prospects.

A way of directly helping you to gain new clients.

If the purpose of your blog is to keep you front-of-mind in a fast moving market place, “fire-hosing” your readers with up-to-date news, then blogging once a day may not be enough.

If the purpose of your blog is to create yourself as thought leader by writing mind-changing, in-depth, analysis of long-term critical issues in your niche, with the intention of facilitating significant debate, then blogging once every three weeks may be too much.

So, how often should you blog post?

I don’t know. But, here are some things you can do to find out:

1. Experiment. Test out different schedules of posting. Evaluate to see what works best for your audience.

2. Analyse. Install Google Analytics on your blog. It’s free. Now you can see what happens to your readership numbers when experimenting.

3. Cheat. Spy on your direct competitor’s blog posting schedule. Can you see posting patterns that may work better for you?

4. Ask. Use one of the many polling options on Linkedin, Facebook, etc to ask your readers how often you should post.

Of course, how often you should post is but one piece of the blogging jigsaw. What, exactly, the content of your posts should contain, I will blog about soon.

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